Speed Limit

There are different speed limits on Iceland's roads. You'll find the most common ones down below.

Violation of these rules can result in substantial fines!

Seat Belts

Seat belts are mandatory. All travelers are obliged to use safety seatbelts. This applies to those sitting in the back seats as well.

The driver is responsible for making sure that all passengers are wearing a seat belt. Violation of these rules can result in fines.


The most common incident in Iceland, rental car or not, is a cracked windshield. While the damage itself is harmless, it can easily startle a driver when a rock hits the windshield. Additionally the crack can cause inconvenience during your trip.

Gravel Roads

The Icelandic road system still includes hundreds of kilometers of gravel roads. While the entire ring road (Road 1) is fully paved, you may often find yourself driving on a gravel road, even in common places.

While most gravel roads are maintained and easily passable, there are a few things always worth keeping in mind.

Road Tolls & Parking Charges

Toll fees, parking fees and entrance fees are charged electronically in certain areas, national parks, and road tunnels in Iceland. Make sure to follow closely any signs or information indicating such fees or charges and pay when required.

Narrow Roads & One Lane Bridges

Many roads in Iceland, both gravel roads and paved roads, are really narrow. Make sure to drive carefully and reduce the speed when passing other vehicles from the opposite direction.

Flat Tires

One of our top tips for a safe trip includes the tires. It is one of our most common incident and quite simplye it is terribly annoying. If you know, you know.

Gravel roads are the main cause of flat tires in Iceland as we unfortunately still have quite a lot of those. Reducing speed is always key.

Wind & Doors

Be very careful when opening doors because they can easily be damaged by strong gusts or wind. Don´t let the wind fool you because even what seems like a light breeze can cause damages.

Diesel & Petrol

Always make sure to use the correct fuel type when you refuel. The two types of fuel offered in Iceland are diesel and gasoline/petrol.Every gas station will have both fuel types available. The Gasoline/Petrol is a green pump and is marked 95 okt. The diesel pump is black and marked diesel.


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Road Conditions

Here you can find all information about current road conditions in Iceland

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Weather Conditions

Here you can find all information about current weather conditions in Iceland

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Safe Travel

Here you can see the warnings that are active at any time due to bad road conditions and/or weather

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River Crossing

River crossing in Iceland is mostly associated with the F-roads. The F-roads are routes across the highlands of Iceland. These roads are unpaved and most of them have unbridged river crossing.

It is only when travelling off the main road system where you find routes which require river crossing.


The F-Roads of Iceland, where should we begin. They are the most of everything. They take you to the most amazing places in the Highlands of Iceland while at the same time being the most dangerous roads to drive.

While driving your rental car through them, you can find some of the most amazing scenery Iceland has to offer.

Winter Driving

Travelling during the winter time in Iceland is a completely different experience. It almost feels like you are experiencing a different country between the summer and the winter.

The landmarks and attractions simply do not look the same when in their winter costume.


As a result of frequent volcanic eruptions there is quite a lot of sand and other volcanic materials covering the ground. The weather here can also be extreme at time. Including strong winds which can create sandstorms in some areas.

Responsible Tourism

Sustainable Tourism

We at Blue Car Rental believe in the practice of sustainable tourism. Our goal is to offer the best service available and promote a responsible tourism in Iceland.

The growing popularity of Iceland as a tourist destination has raised concerns about the impact on Iceland´s nature and culture.

Offset Your Carbon Footprint

As a car rental, inevitably we have a negative impact on our environment.

As a part of our environmental policy, we are taking steps in order to reduce our CO2 emissions