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Sustainable Tourism

We at Blue Car Rental believe in the practice of sustainable tourism. Our goal is to offer the best service available and promote a responsible tourism in Iceland. The growing popularity of Iceland as a tourist destination has raised concerns about the impact on Iceland´s nature and culture. Iceland´s main attractions are its unique nature and culture. Preservation of these valuable resources are essential to the life of tourism in Iceland. For these reasons, we need to have a sustainable tourism in Iceland. This means finding ways for travelers to continue visiting Iceland and enjoy all that our beautiful island has to offer, while reducing the environmental impact at the same time. When conducting sustainable tourism, we set out to do just that. By providing customers with information, we aim to reduce the negative consequences of travelling and achieve sustainability. We want everyone to enjoy Iceland in a responsible way and secure a sustainable future for tourism in Iceland. We have already started our journey towards sustainable tourism by offering ways to reduce environmental impact. For example, by having an electric platform for our entire rental process and offering both Hybrid and fully electric rental cars

Tips: To achieve sustainable tourism, we need as many people as possible to contribute. There are many ways to do so, and every bit helps. Here are a few tips to easily contribute to sustainable tourism in Iceland.

Drink tap water: The water in Iceland is one of the cleanest in the world. The tap water in Iceland comes from natural springs and is perfectly safe to drink. We recommend using tab water to refill bottles. Not only will it cut down on expenses, but you will also reduce waste and plastic use.

Waste shorting and recycling: Waste shorting and recycling has become a part of Icelandic culture. Most public places have shorting bins. There should be no problem finding the right place for your trash. Shorting waste not only reduces pollution, but it also helps keep our beautiful island clean.

Turn off cars: One way to reduce pollution is to minimize the release of greenhouse gases. When stopping on your tour in Iceland, just turning off the engine while stopping will make a difference. Just remember to turn it completely off, so you don´t get a dead battery.

Charge at charging stations: As part of our plan for sustainable tourism in Iceland we offer Hybrids and fully electric cars for customer who want to cut down on fuel expend and travel in an eco-friendly way. The infrastructure for electric cars in Iceland is getting better each year and has been developing fast. Charging stations are now found in all towns and various other places around Iceland. We encourage all customers to look into these exciting new options. These are just a few examples of how to participate in sustainable tourism. The focus is to urge everyone to take good care of the environment and support local businesses and communities. Together we can secure the future tourism in Iceland!