car rental return


  1. Damages to the windshield caused by gravel or rocks being thrown onto the car in front. Make sure to keep a good distance from the car in front of you and reduce your speed.
  2. Damages to doors caused by the wind when opening or closing the door. Always hold on tight to the door. The winds here in Iceland are unpredictable and can cause significant damage to the car.
  3. Flat tires and other tire issues caused by gravel roads. Reduce your speed significantly when entering gravel roads to ensure grip and avoid tire issues. Low speed driving is vital on gravel roads.

    Most of the new cars in the world come with a foam fixing kit. Only a few car models have a spare tire. Here is a short video of how to use the foam fixing kit.

  4. Pumping the wrong fuel. Make sure to pump the right type of fuel. The black pump is diesel and the green pump is for petrol/gasoline. The fuel type is clearly marked on the fuel lid and the car key. Note: Your car key will include a discount chip for fuel at all Olís/ÓB gas stations around Iceland. We will provide you with a map of the discounted gas stations at the time of pick up.
  5. Unnecessary costs due to road tolls and parking fees. Please be vigilant when approaching road tunnels, national parks, and all parking areas because charges are often made electronically. You can find further information through this link.

Handling fees are charged on top of the fine, for any official inquiry the company must respond to, or any charges Blue Car Rental must pay, due to the use of the renter/driver of the rented car.